The Spread

The  Joy of Nutella

            We all love Nutella right? I mean who doesn’t, this chocolate and hazelnut spread has changed lives and dare I say it the world! But how do most of us eat it? On a piece of white toast (eye roll)? Well I’m here to tell you that this fabulous spread is capable of way more than a simple smear on Wonder Bread. So here are a few fun, easy and tasty ways for you to use Nutella.

Morning: I once had my French professor tell me that Nutella is like crack to the children living in Paris. Well the grownups love it to, so here is the perfect way to start your day Parison style.

Put a spoon full in your coffee instead of sugar along with some cream. Toast up a nice thick slice of sourdough baguette and smear some Nutella on it.


            Snack time: the sweet and salty kind, the best kind in my opinion.

Dollop a bit on a salted butter cracker like Ritz and make a Ritz and Nutella sandwich; or try it with Potato chips (trust me on this one).


            Dessert: The sweet stuff.

Strawberries filled with Nutella. This is easy, just cut an X shape about ¾ of the way through the strawberry and pipe the Nutella into it. You can also pop some Nutella in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds and pour it over your ice cream.


            So there’s some ideas on how to use this Nutella stuff but don’t let yourself be limited use your imagination and let yourself go crazy for the chocolate spread. After all, what is life without a little Nutella in it? Or a lot if you’re like me.


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