The Perfect Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate and Champagne Cocktail


            My Aunt Marcel first made this cocktail years ago when we were spending Christmas at my parent’s cabin in Duck Creek Utah. My mom and sisters all fell in love with its crisp and light flavor. All the women in my family are avid champagne drinkers; some of my best childhood memories were lived out when my sister Ashley and I would spend our summers with our Aunt and her husband Steve on the California Coast. This was also where my Aunt gave me my first sip of Champagne. Now in my twenties I have joined the veteran family ranks of women champagne drinkers. Those of you that love champagne like the women in my family do will fall head over heels for this cocktail. Its simple construction and sparkling bright taste will leave you thirsty for a refill.


1 bottle of Champagne or Prosecco

1 bottle of pomegranate juice (not cocktail, I recommend POM it really is the best)

1 Lime



In a glass filled about half way with ice, pour equal parts champagne and pomegranate juice. Squeeze in a wedge on lime and stir.


This cocktail is great with Sunday brunch or any moment that needs a little bubbly to add to the celebration. Cheers!


P.S. you can also serve with mostly Bubbly and just a splash of POM (I won’t tell).

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