Cookie What?


Cookie Butter, this Trader Joe’s Speculoos creation comes in crunchy, smooth and the newest version, cocoa swirl. This new kid on the block was all the rage on Instagram and Facebook for quite some time. Its reputation got so big that if you even had a chance of getting your hands on a jar you had to be at the store when the shipment came in! Even then you were limited to two jars per person. The first time I was able to get some was when my associate gave me a jar of the crunchy kind as a last day on the job going away gift. But is this Cookie Butter all it’s cracked up to be? Is this new sweet spread trying to topple the ruling champ Nutella!?  Well I’m here to tell you no! Don’t get me wrong the stuff is good it’s made from ginger snaps so it has a spicy holiday feel making it not quite as diverse as Nutella.

How to Use It:

1. Smeared on cinnamon raisin bagel.


2. Dollop some on a not too sweet butter cookie.

3. Apple slices; this gives you that apple pie feeling.


4. Spread a bit on a warm waffle.

All perfectly delicious however, I have found that combining Cookie Butter with Nutella makes it even better. Of course it does, Nutella is awesome and if anything can show this new kid the way to greatness it’s Nutella.

1. Nutella and Cookie Butter sandwich, need I say more?

2. Cookie Butter and Nutella S’mores


3. Nutella, Cookie Butter and banana quesadilla (sprinkle with powder sugar).


Yes, it’s good. It’s all good. Nutella was the first to steal my heart with its chocolate sweetness. May it live long and rule the land of sweet spreads till the end of time. However, perhaps… just perhaps Cookies Butter has found its way to my heart and sweet tooth just a little. After all, there is always room for one more to play in the land of sweet spreads.

Where to find it: Trader Joe’s or for those of you that don’t have one nearby Target has a version that is just as good, actually it’s the same thing with a different name and label it’s called Biscoff. You can find it near the Nutella of course.


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