Covered in Chocolate

Raspberry Chocolate Truffles with Pink Lime Salt


Love is mostly sweet but a little salty too.

Well happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know I already wrote a Valentine’s cookies post but I just didn’t feel right about not having a chocolate one as well! 😉 I mean seriously I would be very disappointed if I didn’t get to eat any chocolate on this day that celebrates all the things love can bring! That includes chocolate! 😉 I truly believe that the best way to show someone that you love them is with something you handmade just for them. I absolutely love making truffles they really are much more simply put together than some may think. They do however take a little patience. I first made chocolate truffles as Christmas gifts for my family. I added an orange liqueur to the ganache and rolled them in crushed almonds! They were delicious a fantastic combination!

So for this Valentine’s version I decided to go with the classic raspberry flavor by using Chambord, a raspberry flavored liquor. I also wanted to add something beautiful to the top of the rich chocolate so, as I often do, I went surfing on the net for inspiration. That’s when I stumbled upon Heidi Swanson web site 101 Cookbooks. It is a lovely site with wonderful stories, recipes and pictures. It was there that I found her instructions on how to make citrus salt. They are absolutely beautiful! And I love a little salt with my sweet so I decided that this would be the perfect complement to my chocolate. And because it’s Valentine’s Day I made it extra girly by making the citrus salt with my favorite Pink Himalayan  Salt.

IMG_6872      For the Truffles

10 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips

3 tablespoons unsalted butter

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/4 cup Chambord

For the Outer Coating

8 ounces dark chocolate chips

½ cup Pink Himalayan Salt

1 teaspoon lime zest

For the lime salt recipe check out 101 Cookbooks


Begin by making your citrus salt.


Then while that is cooking start heating your cream and Chambord in a small sauce pot be sure to keep an eye on it! Then in a microwave safe bowl mix your butter and chocolate chips and put this in the microwave for about 20 seconds give it a stir then microwave it again for another 20 seconds. The chocolate will not be completely melted.


Now add the hot cream and raspberry liquor to the chocolate and give it a stir once the ganache comes together pour it into a small baking dish and pop it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.


Once your ganache is cooled scoop small balls out of it, I used a melon baller but any kind of spoon will work. Use your hands to smooth out the ganache balls, try not to eat too many at this point 😉 Once all your luscious ganache is scooped put them back in the fridge for another hour, nobody said this wasn’t going to take patience oh wait I said that! 😉


Now all that’s left is to coat the ganache balls in more chocolate 😉 melt your dark chocolate chips in the microwave in 20 second intervals stirring each time until the chocolate is melted let the this cool slightly. Now use a fork to dip your ganache balls into the melted chocolate and place on parchment paper then while they are still wet sprinkle the pink lime salt over the top. Put them in the fridge one more time to allow them to set up.


Ok you can finally eat them now! 😉


Happy Valentine’s Day to all! And if you don’t have that special someone to celebrate with that’s ok just eat some chocolate and maybe some champagne 😉


P.S. You will have quite a lot of Chambord leftover so add about a tablespoon to a glass of Champagne to give it a sweet raspberry flavor a prefect pairing for Valentine’s Day!


6 thoughts on “Covered in Chocolate

  1. Granddaughter, no one loves chocolate like I do (with a little salt too) so for all the male chocoholics, I will try this!!!! Grandpa

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