Hot Summer Nights



Booze Watermelon Cocktail


Well it’s about 101º here in Vegas and it has come to that point in the summer season when one can no longer go outside except for the early morning and late night. I remember growing up in this heat. Sitting in my parent’s back yard after the blazing sun had gone down eating bbq chicken and cold slices of watermelon. My sisters and I would make a game of seeing who could spit the watermelon seeds the farthest. Remember when watermelons had seeds?


Now I’m all grown up but I never lost my love for that perfectly sweet taste of a cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer night. It also makes the best summer time cocktail! This drink is slightly sweet from the watermelon the lime give is a tangy punch and the mint makes it perfectly fresh in the heat. Of course the booze makes it all the better but if you wanted to leave it out for the kiddos it will still be fantastic.


4 cups watermelon

The juice of 2 limes

¼ cup mint leaves

4 oz of vodka

Makes 4 glasses


Simply cut up the watermelon to fit in your blender add the mint leaves, lime juice and vodka then blend this all together until nice and smooth.


Place this in the fridge until it’s really cold. When you are ready to serve you can rim the glasses with sugar and lime zest for a little extra sweetness.

You really can use whatever liquor you want. Gin would be great or rum for that extra tropical flavor. I’ve just always been a vodka girl so that’s always my choice. There really isn’t a better way to beat the Vegas heat 😉   

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