Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl

Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl I first had creamy grits at one of my favorite Vegas restaurants Lola’s I had shrimp and grits it was amazing and from that moment on I was a creamy polenta convert! If you noticed I just used the words grits and polenta interchangeably. So what is the difference anyhow? Here is… Continue reading Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl

The Classic with a Twist

Classic Club Sandwich with Avocado Mayo Writing this food blog has led me try some interesting and complicated recipes all in the hopes of expanding my foodie repertoire. As I have been on this food journey it’s easy to forget the simple and delicious things that food has to offer. Things like how a simple… Continue reading The Classic with a Twist

How to Roast a Pig and Eat Like a Filipino

Christmas 2008 Philippine Islands. This was my first time out of the country (besides going to Canada which I don’t really think counts) it was also the first time I was away from my family for over three weeks. The first time I had been exposed to third world poverty. The first time communication and… Continue reading How to Roast a Pig and Eat Like a Filipino

From Roux to Béchamel to Cheese Sauce

Bacon Mac and Cheese Last week Chef thought me and my class how to make the Mother Sauces Da Da Daaa! So the mother sauces are Veloute, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise and of course Béchamel. What I didn’t know is that all of these Mommies are rarely used as is but are turned into something different.… Continue reading From Roux to Béchamel to Cheese Sauce