Pasta in the Cupboard

Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato Pasta Sometimes I can be slightly OCD but really I just like things to be well organized even if those things aren’t mine. So here’s the story, one day I’m at my mom’s house and I get there really early, so early that the only person awake is my dad… Continue reading Pasta in the Cupboard

Pasta on the River

  Orzo with Parmesan and Basil     My family can be a bit eccentric we love all things delicious and beautiful including the Great Outdoors and Food. Camping was something of an art form in my family, one that we perfected in the years before my parents bought their cabin in Duck Creek Utah. Now… Continue reading Pasta on the River

7 Simple Ingredients 1 Amazing Result

Linguine and Tomatoes                Julia Child once said that she didn’t consider Italian cooking to be “real cooking,” Italian food is far too easy to prepare. Well Mrs. Child, I must say that one of the many reasons I love making Italian food is for its simplicity. Unlike the complexity of Classical French cooking, Italian… Continue reading 7 Simple Ingredients 1 Amazing Result

From Roux to Béchamel to Cheese Sauce

Bacon Mac and Cheese Last week Chef thought me and my class how to make the Mother Sauces Da Da Daaa! So the mother sauces are Veloute, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise and of course Béchamel. What I didn’t know is that all of these Mommies are rarely used as is but are turned into something different.… Continue reading From Roux to Béchamel to Cheese Sauce