Wedding Favor Baking (What Have I Gotten Myself Into?)

Italian Love Cookies As some of you may have already read I am getting married to a really amazing and cute guy this April 18th. Yes that is less than a month away! And being that I want to save a little money on this wedding or because I like to make things complicated for… Continue reading Wedding Favor Baking (What Have I Gotten Myself Into?)

Spring Fresh

Green and Mint Ice Tea             Spring is in the air here in Vegas and for those of you that live here know that Spring time in Las Vegas is a very short season between a dry cold winter and a boiling hot Summer. So I always want to take advantage of this time by… Continue reading Spring Fresh

The Persnickety French Macaron

Coconut French Macarons Welcome to one of the most finicky cookies you can ever attempt! I first made French Macarons last Christmas with great success. I made a traditional vanilla macaron with a chocolate buttercream filling. They turned out awesome with the classical feet markings and a delicate egg like shell. However, I was dreadfully… Continue reading The Persnickety French Macaron