Hot Summer Nights

    Booze Watermelon Cocktail Well it’s about 101º here in Vegas and it has come to that point in the summer season when one can no longer go outside except for the early morning and late night. I remember growing up in this heat. Sitting in my parent’s back yard after the blazing sun… Continue reading Hot Summer Nights

Wedding Toast

Cheese Board             Hello everyone, I have been suspiciously absent from the blog for a few weeks but I have a pretty awesome excuse. I got married! Yes on April 18th 2015 I became Mrs. Kathleen Ordinario! What a whirl wind it was. If any of you read my Italian Love Cookies post you know I… Continue reading Wedding Toast

100% Juice

Three Starter Juices for the New Year! Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your celebrations and that you made some challenging resolutions. I myself did not have such a fabulous New Year I was pretty sick and sadly went to bed at 8pm and did not… Continue reading 100% Juice

Spring Fresh

Green and Mint Ice Tea             Spring is in the air here in Vegas and for those of you that live here know that Spring time in Las Vegas is a very short season between a dry cold winter and a boiling hot Summer. So I always want to take advantage of this time by… Continue reading Spring Fresh

The Perfect Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate and Champagne Cocktail             My Aunt Marcel first made this cocktail years ago when we were spending Christmas at my parent’s cabin in Duck Creek Utah. My mom and sisters all fell in love with its crisp and light flavor. All the women in my family are avid champagne drinkers; some of my best… Continue reading The Perfect Champagne Cocktail